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Bulk WhatsApp Sender
✅Install File— We have created an installation file to make it easier for users to use.
✅Local Database— You can edit, modify, delete and save your local messages with a local database.
✅Message— You can send text messages, pictures, videos, files, and support sending button messages.
✅Emoji Message— Messages can contain various emoji symbols.
✅Login Whatsapp— You can log in by scanning the code, and after successful login, your session will be automatically saved, so you don’t need to log in again.
✅Account Login Status— After you log in successfully, your current account status and account name will be displayed.
✅Contact Fast Filter— Our Whatsapp Number Validator can help you quickly filter and securely validate any country’s Whatsapp number for validity.
✅Contact PhoneNumber Send— Bulk send message to your phone number list.
✅Contact Bulk Send— Bulk send message to your contact.
✅Group Join— Bulk join group by group link
✅Group Extract Members— Bulk extract members from groups just only 1 seconds
✅Group Bulk Send— Bulk send message to your group
✅Reply Message— you can set your reply message content according to the user’s input (supporting attachments such as images, files, videos, etc.)
✅Auto Reply It will automatically reply to any message you receive, including contacts and non-contacts.
✅Multiple languages